NYC Small Business Consulting Services

Small Business Consulting NYCCoaching and Consulting for Small Businesses

You had the idea, secured the capital and launched your New York business. Your revenues are growing, and your prospects seem unlimited. You’re onto something big — yet you’re not sure how to proceed. Should you buy new space? Renegotiate with your suppliers? Hire more salespeople and hope you can keep up with the demand? Most of all, can you afford your plans without securing additional capital? And if not, then what?  As a startup business, are you concerned or worried about any of these issues?

  • Uncertainty as to how to increase profitability?                                                                                       
  • See room for growth but not sure if you can afford to bring on more full-time employees?
  • Ready for outside funding to finance next stage growth, but uncertain about how to make that happen?
  • Concerned that your business has lost its growth momentum?

Pro Books NY’s small business consultants and remote CFOs have helped hundreds of enterprises reach their objectives with expert financial management and smart, strategic planning. As a leading business coaching consultant to startups and small businesses in the NYC metropolitan area, for the past 2 decades, Pro Books NY can help you work smarter, not harder. Learn more about our creative small business consulting service, ongoing coaching support and let us provide the guidance you need to achieve your goals.    

How We Help Business Owners Go Beyond The Bottom Line

Coaching-businessPro Books NY’s roster of experienced small business consultants understand the challenges you face.  Your small business consultant will start your partnership with a thoughtful review of your revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities, and develop financial and cash flow forecasts that identify important trends.  Our small business coaching firm will help you identify opportunities and risks before they become emergencies.  That gives you the chance to consider all of your options.  With our help, you can pivot from making rushed, last minute decisions to executing a carefully planned strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.

Pro Books NY is more than just a second opinion on financial strategy. Our small business consultants act as an impartial sounding board forthrive-business all of your business decisions. Considering a new marketing plan? We can help. Wondering about your latest acquisition proposal?  Consult us first.  Thinking about opening a second location? Let’s run the numbers together.   With Pro Books NY, your books and your strategy will stay CPA- and investor-ready.

Our Small Business Consulting Services

From helping you get caught up on back office paperwork to building a business plan that gets you noticed by investors, Pro Books NY can help. Our services include:

  • Project management. Get caught up on back office payables and receivables or ask us to assist with a one-time project such as an acquisition or investment. Pro Books NY furnishes basic accounting functions and advanced strategic support.  
  • Remote CFO services – Do you lack the resources to drive profit improvement, present your financials to outside investors, or strengthen internal accounting controls?
  • Reporting. Gain all the expertise of a full-time CFO at a fraction of the cost with Pro Books NY. We can create and furnish essential reports that keep your business running, from daily cash receipts to monthly accruals to annual budgets. Spend more time with your customers and less time struggling with spreadsheets when you hire Pro Books NY.
  • Forecasting. Timely and accurate forecasting is the lifeblood of every expertly run business. Pro Books NY will review your financial history and develop financial and cash flow forecasts that help you make smarter decisions faster

Cost management. The cost of labor and materials, taxes, and government regulation compliance is always increasing; so how to stay ahead of the curve? We can help you manage expenses and thereby manage profitability by focusing on purchasing practices, workforce management, and overhead expenses.     

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